Hybrid Formations
Project Type: Prototype
Location: Autodesk BUILD Space, Boston
Class: SCI 6463 - Hybrid Formations, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Professor: Volkan Alkanoglu
Partner: Yumiko Matsubara
Date: Fall 2016

At the Autodesk Build Space in Boston (now called the Boston Technology Center), a stainless steel structure was crafted - a double-curved form that blends artistic finesse with cutting-edge fabrication. Crafted from single-direction curved surfaces of stainless steel, this form stands as a testament to precision and innovation. The stainless steel material not only ensures structural integrity but also imparts a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. The form's double-curvature invites viewers to explore its dynamic shape from every angle, creating an immersive and engaging experience within the gallery space. The meticulous fabrication of the single-direction curved surfaces allows for a fluidity in design, capturing the essence of movement frozen in stainless steel. As light dances upon its reflective surface, the sculpture becomes a captivating focal point, embodying the intersection of technology, art, and craftsmanship.