In The Garden Grows a Lump - A landscape installation with original furniture and rare books.
The LADG Project Site
Project Type: Gallery Installation
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Architects: Andrew Holder
Project Team: Andrew Holder, Claus Benjamin Freyinger, James Chesnut, Nick Safely, Noel Hernandez, Cody Glen, Dan Marty
Size: 1000 SQFT
Images Courtesy The LADG
Acknowledgements: Fabrication support by the University of Michigan TCAUP FABLab.
Date: 2014

The University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture Gallery hosts an immersive exhibition featuring the meticulous arrangement of landscapes, bespoke furniture, and a collection of rare books dedicated to the exploration of the English Picturesque. This captivating installation transforms the gallery into a curated space, where the elements of nature, custom-crafted furnishings, and the literary treasures of English picturesque aesthetics converge.

The carefully curated landscapes offer a sensory journey, bringing the essence of the picturesque to life within the gallery walls. Original furniture pieces, thoughtfully designed to complement the aesthetic principles of the English Picturesque, contribute to the spatial narrative. Moreover, the inclusion of rare books provides a scholarly dimension, inviting visitors to delve into the intellectual heritage of this influential artistic movement. In this harmonious blend of nature, design, and knowledge, the Taubman College of Architecture Gallery becomes a dynamic platform for the appreciation and exploration of the English Picturesque.