Mine the Scrap
Andrew Witt (Certain Measures) Project Site
Project Type: Installation
Location: Berlin, Germany
Architects: Andrew Witt & Tobias Nolte
Project Team: Andrew Witt, Tobias Nolte, Jason Tucker, Cody Glen, Claire Kuang, David Hamm
Sound Design: Simon Epstein / Signal Sound
Images Courtesy Certain Measures & Model Images: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Date: 2016

Mine the Scrap embodies a data-driven approach, utilizing algorithms to dynamically craft new structures from existing scrap materials. Leveraging computer vision and construction automation, this innovative initiative addresses the urgent need to repurpose waste into valuable resources. The installation provides an immersive encounter with the algorithmic design process.

This project transforms irregular and non-uniform construction scrap into novel forms, employing pattern recognition to uncover beauty and intricacy within overlooked waste. Mine the Scrap discerns the optimal utilization of each piece in a new structure through a sophisticated scanning and classification process.

Drawing inspiration from the logic of quilting and employing customized shape and pattern detection akin to self-driving cars and face recognition, this initiative harnesses big data to confront significant waste challenges. Essentially functioning as a search engine for waste, it navigates through vast datasets to identify optimal material solutions for design dilemmas. Beyond establishing minimal-waste material lifecycles, Mine the Scrap pioneers a novel design vocabulary inherently shaped by resource considerations.

  • 2021: "MTS_003", Shanghai, China @ Aiiiii Gallery
  • 2019: “Mine the Scrap”, Berlin, Germany @ Citylab Berlin
  • 2018: “Mine the Scrap”, Paris, France @ Coder le Monde / Mutations Creations 2 @ Centre Pompidou
  • 2016: "Mine the Scrap", Berlin, Germany @ The Human Factor - Endless Prototyping via Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin
  • 2016: "Mine the Scrap", Berlin, Germany @ Forecast Festival - Haus der Kulteren der Welt