We live in interesting times. For the final project proposal, I wanted to react to the current political climate in a pointed way, and still incorporate elements of technology in a wearable. I began thinking about the potential needs of a collapsing society and wanted to codify that into a physical object. A helmet was the perfect opportunity to tackle those subjects.

The Helmet for the Coming Trumpocalypse would be fabricated from a Carbon-Fiber & Kevlar weave with a bulletproof acrylic layer in the eye region for visibility. The inside of the helmet would feature a respirator for tear gas, a gel coating for comfort, a heads-up display for more accurate targeting down sights, and a "common-sense" meter for augmented hearing which would glow red when encountering obvious falsehoods. The helmet system would be powered by an incorporated lithium-ion battery, and would have an integrated solar panel on the top of the helmet keeping it sustainably powered.

The augmented hearing "common-sense-meter" would leverage google's natural language parsing api and reference factcheck.org, and upon encountering facts that are false, would glow red and flash a warning on the heads-up display to notify the user. The heads-up display would also pull a streaming news feed and highlight riot areas to warn the user of incoming attacks. Integrated forward and backward facing cameras would give the user a 360 degree view to protect from attacks from behind.

Here's an exploded perspective highlighting the respirator assembly, the augmented hearing modules, and the battery pack.

The Helmet for the Coming Trumpocalypse is intentionally faceless to protect the user's identity, gender, and skin color from the roving hordes of immigration police that would surely pop up in the future riots and chaos. The intention of the project is to provide a rigid protection system and a robust augmentation platform to increase survivability for the user.

Sidebar: Here is a logo design for a vinyl sticker. More to come...